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Important News

--- 04/23/2019 ---



Tama County, Iowa has been declared a federal disaster county. The timeframe for protesting your value to the Board of Review has been extended to June 5, 2019.  Forms are available online (see link below) or in our office. Be sure to select the petition form that shows "Disaster Counties" in the upper right of the form. Should you have any questions, please contact our office at (641)-484-3545





--- 03/30/2015 ---

We now have our agricultural data on-line.  We used the new CSR2 and Land Use Layer for our 2015 valuation.  The Average CSR is broken into each "land use".  If you want the average CSR for the entire parcel, you will need to divide the Total CSR points by the total acres.  The Net CSR column is adjusted down for assessment purposes.

These are the Land Use Codes:

BS = Building Site                  Permanent Pasture = PP      River = RI

CR = Cropped                       Wildlife Habitat = WH-A       Pond = PD-A

NCR = Non-Cropped               Forest Reserve = FR-A


--- 10/03/2014 ---

We now have a search by map.  If you only know the general area a property is located, you can search using the GIS Maps.

--- 05/23/2014 ---

The parcels on our site now have a link to the treasurer's site, so we now have tax information. 

It is located at the top left of the parcel.